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<Disposable pet pad> <Adult nursing mattress> <Surgical pad>
Processing: Bleached fluff pulp in roll-fluff pulp churn to pad; absorbent polymer adding and PE film£»non-woven fabric and tissue paper; glue spray and seal system; packing

Products layer: The top layer is non-woven fabric and button is PE film, the middle layer is consists of imported fluff pulp pad and absorbent polymer.

Products dimension: 300mm x 450mm ; 400mm x 500mm ; 450mm x 600mm ;
600mm x 600mm and we also can process products according to our customer dimension, weight and color.

Packing: plastic internal packing and cartoon box for external packing

1. Pet pad can absorb the pets¡¯ urine and other liquid while still keep the
Pad surface clean and dry, it is very useful to your pets¡¯ health.
2. pet pad can absorb the pets¡¯ shit smoothly, it can prevent the stinky odor and keep the indoor clean air.
3. Pet pad is easy to use and can be recycled.

Attractive point: Pet pad also can add adequate chemicals to attract pet dispose urine and shit on pad regularly, it¡¯s useful for pet to keep the good habit.

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